Entry #1

Hello, All!

2008-10-28 04:09:18 by SatoshiX

My name is Brice. Many know me as ShinobiXNinja from Youtube. Man...my friend showed me Newgrounds back in...man...2001, 2002? Ugh, somewhere back there. Well anyway, I've been coming here ever since.. I was reluctant to join because I thought it was "bad" but now I'm more mature. Hopefully I'll be able to roll out some flash videos and become as big as I am on Youtube. Peace.



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2008-12-01 09:36:33

First Comment YAY!

Hello there Brice, nice to meet you and happy Blamming to you ^_^
Enjoy you stay at NEWGROUNDS

(Updated ) SatoshiX responds:

Thank you Jasonapog. It's good to be here, and nice to meet you too!